Marcus Lindsey Band

Marcus - Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

 Marcus Lindsey is a Texas country singer/songwriter currently based out the DFW area. Marcus grew up around the east Texas town of Lone Oak and began singing at a very early age, picking up guitar shortly afterwards. Once finished with high school, he toured America as frontman of the band Deuces Wild.  The group disbanded in 1999, and Marcus has continued to be at the forefront of Texas country singers, blending classic and modern country into his own unique sound that won him a Terry Award in 2007 for Vocalist Of The Year.  Mr. Lindsey currently performs all over Texas as the leader of his own group and continues to set new standards and redefine the country genre.

Jeff - Vocals, Bass Guitar

 Shortly after high school, Jeff Nickolson began touring with Marcus, Dizzy and others under the name Deuces Wild, touring all over the nation.  Their shows proved to be successful and fueled ten years of powerful performances. After disbanding in 1999, Jeff continued to freelance around Texas.  In 2015, Jeff rejoined Marcus and Dizzy in the Marcus Lindsey Band.

Dizzy - Vocals, Keyboards

 Dizzy Dave Dalton has been playing country music for over 30 years, and has had the pleasure to be a part of bands that have shared the stage with many country performers, including Steve Wariner, Keith Whitley, Restless Heart, Exile, Highway 101 and many others.  Dizzy originally met Marcus over 25 years ago when he began playing for Deuces Wild with Marcus, Jeff and others.  In 2009, after several years of freelance work, Dizzy reunited with Marcus in the Marcus Lindsey Band.

Scott - Guitars, Fiddle, Steel Guitar, Mandolin

David - Drums